Turner Renaissance Update: RS88 Re-Stringing Reviews 5

Bass Palace [online] $1300 with gig bag, strung with Thomastic Acousticore bronze roundwounds [with nylon filament cores]. Parkway Music, Clifton Pk NY, $35 for Rotosound RS88 extra long black nylon covered steel core strings.

See other review for details, but it's the very stringy acoustic tone that is the main attraction of this bass. I restrung it to get a stiffer, more normal feeling string set under my right hand and to have a flat wound set. The Acousticore TIs it comes with are round wound. The bass now sounds more like an upright but less like itself [!?!] in that it has less natural vibrato and string hum, but a thicker, more "mwahh" fretless sound with the possibility to have a "thumpy" attack tone on demand. The TI strings were almost "thump-proof", being too elastic and soft. Anyway, I've now got the tone options just described, plus I can play much faster when necessary because the strings now behave normally under my right hand. And speaking of right hand, this is a wide [19mm] gage 5 string, which to me is very important, setting it aside from the other acoustic 5 strings I've tried [Carvin AC50 and a Washburn dreadnaught type].

I miss the ability of the elastic TIs to handle various up- or down-tuning while maintaining a fairly constant feel, not floppier or tighter.

Please see other review. Briefly it's a 35" fretless bolt-on with an accoustic body of very shallow depth, NO magnetic pickups, and a piezo PU in the wooden bridge. It has only 2 control knobs, no switches etc. Think "shaker furniture".

I like this ax totally now. Although it's designed around the Acousticore strings, I hugely more prefer it with the black nylon covered flatwound electic strings. I could play this as my main ax. It's not overly weird now, but still sounds unique. The only headache left is finding a hard case. It looks like it's gonna be $200 for a custom built empty box into which the bass-in-gig-bag goes altogether.

Golem rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-18.

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