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Bass Northwest. [Barely] Used $700 USD. BassNW has been an excellent souce for me so I was really just browsing their site with nothing special in mind, looking at the pictures, etc., and I saw this bass. I read some reviews before ordering it, and they all ranged from very positive to very-very positive.

It's passive. It's shop-built [not custom but not factory]. Got kickbutt humbuckers. Neck is wide but easy with 19mm spacing at the bridge. Looks a bit special without looking flashy or exotic. Bolt-on neck with super comfy neck joint. Allows very low action and minimal relief without any buzz or rattle. Medium weight, doesn't feel heavy, doesn't float like a feather.

Sperzel Locking tuners. Strange tone controls [not bad, just strange]. Can't ever shim neck joint due to interlocked design [personal thing]. Top horn is a bit short [balance is OK but a long top horn will shift a bass more toward the player's right side, which I prefer].

Many woods are offered. Mine is solid maple with clear gloss. Great finish. Neck is very figured, looks cool. Fret work is great. No annoying fret ends, no buzzing. Bridge has the side walls that keep the saddles packed together. Controls are smooth and quiet, and very effective [but weird, see their website] and the dual humbuckers are loud and deep but with a good upper end too. Jack is on a heavy oval plate.

Really cool, unique but not too weird. Passive tone, somewhere between G&L and Spector. A mix of proven traditional bass building with some new ideas that very clearly work [the comfort ideas are comfy and you can hear the tone voicing for yourself]. I'd rate it at '5' if the top horn were longer, tuners were not Sperzels, and a series-parallel switch were added. YMMV.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2005-07-14.

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