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I've been playing bass for over 40 years from rock-a-billy to fusion jazz with a few rock bands in between. Currently in a local band in L.A. that plays mostly charity gigs, though I have toured extensively in the past.

I bought the M5 directly from the factory two years ago wanting a bass that was "mixable" for the wide variety of tunes I play. From the onboard EMG three channeleq to the coil tap switch to the mid range cut/boost switch to the passive /active selector switch this bass is extreamly versatile.

The neck is fabulous and the over all tone variety is so good I rarely take any of my other three basses out of their cases.

With a the 24 fret neck and 35" scale it took some "getting used to". But with enough time I'm now comfy with my left elbow straightened out that far.

Few "factory" instruments are of this excellent quality.

You'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding more versatile instrument unless you go crazy and spend $8500 or so on a Fedora.

PhatNedi rated this unit 5 on 2008-02-25.

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