UltraSound AG/30 Reviews 5

I purchased this amp about a year ago from Shoreline music for $160

TONE !!! such incredible tone from such a small amp. The amp is light as a feather but outperforms most other acoustic guitar amps costing twice as much. It sounds like I'm playing my guitar.........except louder. There is absolutely no buzz, and the notch filter really helps with feedback. It is so amusing to walk in and set up my little amp next to friends stacks and watch their faces when they hear it. I have never gotten so many comments raving about the sound of any other amp. It happens all the time with this one. I'm sold

I have the bottom of the line UltraSound, so while the sound is great; the power is a little lacking for a big gig. It is perfect as a practice amp and as a monitor when on stage. Don't expect it to be able to carry a big room by itself. I really wish it had a second channel for a mic or possibly some effects. I'll probably end up upgrading to the AG/50 eventually (which has everything on my wish list)

I've never had any problem with it even though I gig weekly and am always moving it around. I think the mesh on the front could tend to rip, but I have not has any such problems yet. The box is very sturdy and has withstood a 225 pound lighting guy using it as a stepstool :-)

I'd buy another one right now if this one was stolen. It is the best sounding acoustic amp I've ever heard. I'll probably buy a larger ag/50 in the future, but you get what you pay for and more with this little $160 wonder

acousticgitfiddle rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-06.

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