Ultrasound 50DS2 Reviews 5

From More Music, Santa Cruz, CA. $499

Purity of sound. I really thought my guitar had just gotten louder. Incredible. Small and light to carry. Great for gigs in restaurants where space is minimal. Pretty good digital effects, though not adjustible. Only degree, no other parameters. Great to have a mic input with separate bass and treble. Too bad it's got no effects on that channel.

See above. If this had true stero chorus, it would be perfect. You have to buy a slave unit and link them for streo, like the Roland keyboard amps. Also, if you leave the power cord at home, forget the gig! I believe all hamps should have hard-wired AC cords, dammit!

Solid as a rock. Some amps are wheat color, some chocolate brown. Before I knew this, I got brown. Would prefer wheat! Just please me more. You can stand on this and it's solid.

I think it is the best, most affordable amp of it's kind. Great gaurantee comes with it, and the tech support emails you promplty. It's made in Park, Iowa. Loving care seems the watchword for this company!

Douglas Barrett Jones rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-02.

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