Ultrasound AG -50DS2 Reviews 5

I bought the amp online at http://www.shorlinemusic.com. I bought it for $494.00 plus shipping fees.

This is a great amp for smaller gigs. This is one of the purest acoustic amps I have ever heard. This amp puts out only what comes out of the guitar. The sound quality your guitar puts out is what you will get out the amp. It has 16 different effects that add to the quality of the sound. I use the amp for all of my church functions and other small gigs. I have never had a problem with feedback on this amp. The effects are good and you can adjust the level of each effect the way you desire. It also has an XLR input if you wanted to run a mic through the amp with separate controls for the volume, treble, and bass.

The only thing I don't like about the amp is if you turn the amp up too loud, the sound becomes a little distorted. This may not be the actual amp, but it may just be my pickup. I usually don't have to turn it up loud enough to where that happens.

The amp is well built. It is heavy and solid as a rock.

Overall this was a great investment for me. I will probably end up buying the AG-50E to go along with the AG-50DS2 for more volume during some larger gigs.

Justin Henthorn rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-09.

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