UniVox Hi Flier Reviews 5

My dad gave it to me this past year because he had not played it in many years he said he doesnt remember how much he paid for it but it was made in 1973

She's quite beatiful for her age and the sound is probably the best i've heard. being a UniVox it is a copy of a bass and i've had the chance to play the original which is a richenbocker (sp?). the UniVox to my ears sounded a lot better which is odd it being the cheaper version. its also lighter and just feels better in your hands.

the only dislike i have for it is they dont make them anymore... due to massive lawsuits univox no longer makes guitars.

its made out of a sun burn stained hard wood with a mapple fret board. the frets are cleanly done without any noticable flaws to all 21 of the frets. to get down to it, its a beautifully made guitar. it has 3 pick ups and a volume and tone knob

she's light curvaceous fits nice in the hand is beautiful and is like an angel in the right hands all in all its like the perfect woman

Jon Murray rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-08.

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