Univox F-Hole "Club Bass" Type Reviews 3

$375 from Bass Palace in Scranton PA, online. I have a similar bass, fretless, by Ovation and wanted a fretted version of the same bassic idea. Cost $425 including replacing the tuning machines. Bass was supplied with very decent pasteboard case.

Sound is excellent and has a wide range of voices by use of its dual humbuckers rather widely spaced. Bass is fairly light weight and rather good looking as well. There's an easy to use damping/muting pad on the bridge.

Even though this bass appears to be barely used, had to replace tuning machines just because they are really awful. The plastic binding has gotten strange in a few areas, shrunken away from the body, but you have to look closely to notice it. Bridge height is adjustable by thumbwheels but I had to entirely remove the wheels [easy to do] to get a reasonbly low action.

As mentioned above, the binding [after about 30 yrs] is seperating in a few areas. There is no band of slotted wood along the interior seams to reinforce the joint, so the binding may be structural, but overall it's intact and body seems solid. Came with the usual "Gibson type" pickguard that leaves only two tiny holes when removed. Neck is bolt-on and I could always shim it a bit if I want to put the thumbwheels on the bridge again. Neck has adjustable rod altho I've not needed to reset it. Tuning machines were hard to use and not holding tune so I changed them [about 1 hr job and $50 for a set of Schallers]. PUs are exposed-pole humbuckers, poles not round but about 1.5x7 mm each. "Chromed" covers are actually silvered plastic. Two volume and two tone knobs, 3-way selector switch as well. The bridge is moveable [if you remove all the strings it just falls off] with height, tilt, and intonation adjustments. The tail piece seems sturdy, reinforced with a nice rosewood panel rather thasn the usual tack welded wire decorative crossmember.

I think if I'd known I'd be spending that extra $50 for tuning pegs I'd probably have have bought the used ovation that was about $200 more than I now have into this Univox. The Univox does sound and play very well but I know my Ovation fretless of similar design is more solidly made.

Golem rated this unit 3 on 2003-04-21.

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