VEX 20 Lug Drum Kit Reviews 5

I got this set off of Ebay for really cheap. At the time I bought it it was a promotional deal so I only paid 500 dollars for it. I figured, why not try something different. This kit looks great, I got the metallic silver set that is made from's great. I love it.

This kit is really amazing. I took alot of time tuning this kit, because I am picky with my sounds. And wow it sounds great for a 500 dollar set. I didnt expect much from it, but it was totally worth buying. The toms sound great, that bass drum is nice and deep, overall a good kit.

The cymbols...I threw them out. Seriously. I bought a set of Zildjian Titanium cymbols. The only setback to this kit is the cymbols.

Very well made. They dont have a cheap feel or cheap look to them at all. Poorly made set of cymbols but that is all that is poor about this kit.

Aj Toker rated this unit 5 on 2005-08-24.

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