VEX Drumkit Reviews 5

I was searching for a drmkit and i found this one on ebay for cheap..and everything sounded good for it..too good for that matter.

This kit ismade of Maple..Maple sets retail starts at 1, for only 360..thats a GOOD deal. The set is good..i did some work on it. Such as got new cymbals and got sme Evans G2 heads..and now not a comp[laint in the world from this kit.

The cymbals that come with it suck. The heads are a little hard to tune at first..and all of the toms and the snare will sound empty. If you dont feel like buying some remos to put around your rim of the drums..then just get about 2 pieces of toilet paper, roll them up and duct tape them on the heads.

The quality is Very good now with new heads. The construction is very well put together. I think that I'm going to keep this set for about 3 years before I go out and buy a Pearl Export.

Good Set..Most people will like this Kit..

Justin rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-16.

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