Vantage 01273542 Reviews 1

I bought this piece of shit at "The Music Station" in Red Deer. $375.

I did not like anything about this guitar. I bought it for my little brother for his birthday last year, because he wanted to start playing. Thank god I got it for his birthday and not for myself. I would have been embarassed.

First off, the pickups buzz like a fucking chainsaw. The tremolo system didn't keep in tune worth a shit. The playability was'nt worth a fuck. You couldn't use the Wang Bar because it would IMMEDIATELY go STRAIGHT out of tune. Not worth a shit.

Made out of shit and piss fluids.

Fuck. Because of this guitar my brother lost confidence in his playing ability and quit. Not worth the shit in my toilet. Good beginner guitar. Not worth the shit in my toilet. I saw a person walk into the store and buy it. I laughed. As for Vantage, They can fuck right off.

Ben rated this unit 1 on 2001-08-29.

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