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The instrument was acquired new at a local music store for $400. It included a black gig bag. I was looking for a guitar to play finger style pieces on electric and do some mellow jazz-type things. I didn't want a solid-body at the time, and thought this semi-hollow body with the double f-holes looked great and had a good range of sounds with the controls available. My intention is to get a hard-shell case eventually.

The entertainer functions well as a country and jazz style guitar. I am able to do fingerpicking fairly easily with it, and it has the Gibson ES335 styling in a slightly smaller footprint with two humbucking pick-ups which can really wail, and the four concentric knobs on the bottom end of the body with the 3-position switch above them. The controls are easy to adjust, and because of the high quality of all the parts, work perfectly all the time. The Entertainer has a beautiful bridge that resembles a Country Gentleman without the tailpiece. The Schaller tuning pegs are fully adjustable. All metal on the guitar is gold-plated.

The neck of the Entertainer is a little too small for my tastes because I was brought up as a Classical guitarist, but I found it easy to play and for country-style fingerpicking, this guitar has the right kind of neck. The neck might also be a little small for Jazz, but this can be a personal choice thing. It feels just fine to me. Also I had a lot of trouble getting harmonics in tune. It took four tries with a new set of strings each time to get the bridge set where I wanted it, but now that it is, the sound is very accurate.

The VE-470 is a show guitar. This one is dark brown wood grain, with ivory trim around the edges and many coats of clear epoxy(I would imagine)help to give the body a deep shine. All metal parts are gold-plated. The neck is rosewood with an ebony finger board and mother of pearl inlay and is one piece glued to the body and not removeable. The serial number is always placed at the top of the head on the back and is very easy to find. This is the finest guitar Vantage makes, and I feel it plays on a par with a Gibson, Epiphone or a Gretsch.

Now that I have the instrument playing the way I want, I really would not accept $1000 for it. It is difficult to find this quality without paying a lot.

Randy Millan rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

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