Vantage VIE-31/MG Reviews 2

I bought this guitar at Music Station in red deer alberta. i paid $200 canadian. i bought it because i liked the look, i is very simular to the fender fat strat.. it's an imitation actually.

i like the solid body and the humbuking pickup, same set up as the fender fat strat. i liked the metalic gold paint, and the rosewood fret-board, with maple neck.

i do not like the bridge, it makes tuning verry hard,and using the wammy bar just sets the guitar out of tune all togerhter.I also don't like the 2 tone knobs they dont seem to do much at all, when turned the sound verry slightly changes and only when the pickup selector is on the front 2 pickups.

the guitar is a solid body, and weighs more than your average guitar, probably because it is fat. and is a imitation of fender's strat, the body is high quality but it's parts are useless

not recomended for a beginer, makes learning hard.

Mike Waddell rated this unit 2 on 2003-03-04.

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