Vase Bassman 100 Watt Valve Bass head Reviews 5

I bought this bass head from The Music Swap Shop, Melbourne, in 1999, for $400.Originally purchased for use with acoustic guitar, but suited cello and then electric guitar best.

This unit has the warmest, fullest, richest valve sound I have ever heard. Sounds like honeycomb and is the most authentic vintage, bell-like sound you could wish for. It gives natural lower frequencies to electric guitar but ideally suits bass and cello, for which it was designed. Pair it with a Sovtek 4 x 12" 100 watt speaker cabinet(not the Vase speaker it was built to match) and you will have the lushest, clearest sound in town.

Vase are hard to get nowadays as production ceased in the early 70's in Brisbane. Thats the only thing I don't like about Vase.

The Vase Bassman 100 head is very sturdy, even comes with 2 x metal handles on the top for easy transport. Well designed for ventilation of hot valves, straight forward knobs on the front, very basic, with pull-out bass and treble boost (you can own them for years without knowing this feature!)Has the stability of a Sovtek with the grace of a Goldentone. Can survive aeroplane flights and falling off stages. The Vase is very loud.Turn it up to 3 and you will wake neighbours. In mint condition the Vase has two lights on the front, left and right, with Red for Standby, Green for Go! Very Thunderbirds!Even their logo is funky. I am in love.I take my Vase everywhere.

These are the best amps on earth. People don't patron them because they are scared of Australian Technology. Tony Trughton, an English immigrant, is their inventor.

Pheromona Lisa rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-12.

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