Vater 1A Nylon Reviews 5

I've heard a lot about how great Vater drumsticks are, so I oredered their free product guide. After looking through the different sticks, I couldn't figure out which stick to get. Then I saw the 1A and bought it.

This stick as a long stick, which gives you a very good reach. And it is also light so you can still hit the drums with a good speed. They are just like David Silveria's DSK but with a different style tip. If you want power and reach, this stick will be the perfect stick for you.

They were great and there is really nothing I dislike about them.

Length - 17" Diameter - .590" Great stick for heavy rock.

I loved this tick like all of Vater's other sticks. I will always choose Vater no matter what.

Joe rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-16.

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