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I recently found out about the Vater Fatback 3A drumsticks when playing a gig in Baltimore. You know how it works, if you are not the only drummer playing the gig, chances are that the previous drummers will forget one of their drumsticks by the kit once their sets are over. That’s exactly how I acquired this pair. I was curious to try it out once I grabbed them so I decided to play a couple of my tunes with it during my band’s set. Right of the bat, I noticed that the Fatback 3A had a similar weight and thickness when comparing to one of my favorite Vater sticks, the Xtreme Design, 5A. They only differ in three simple, but very important aspects: Length, tip shape and weight distribution.

I got this pair for free. It was all matter of luck. They are sold for a price around $8.

Because of its similar features with the Vater’s 5A Xtreme Design pair, it was easy for me to enjoy this pair. Its rounded barrel tip produces a big and loud sound when you hit the drum. Perfect for hard rock music. Its shorter length combined with its heavier top, makes this pair very responsive and comfortable to groove heavy beats.

I couldn’t get my ghost notes to sound well defined but I think it has to do more with me than the stick. I usually play with drumsticks that have tear shaped tips.

The Fatback 3A is a hickory stick and has 16” in length and .590” in diameter. Its tip has rounded barrel shape and is available in nylon or wood options.

The Fastback 3A falls right in between the 5As and 5Bs. Its main application is for producing loud, powerful and “fat” drums and cymbals sounds.

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2010-08-10.

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