Vater Flatback 3A Wood Reviews 5

I was desperately looking for Vater drumsticks in Topkea, KS. I only knew one place that had them, Midwestern Music. So, I went there, and I only saw two pairs of the 3A Wood models there. I immediately grabbed them and bought them at a very reasonable price ($9.50 each).

I love everything about these suckers. They have the same diameter as the 1A or David Silveria DSK sticks (so, when I get those sticks, I'll already be used to that certain weight). They had a really good weight and the barrel tip made a loud but awsome sound on the drums. These are definitely great sticks for rock drumming.

I liked everything about these sticks, so I have nothing to put in this section.

Hickory. Length=16" Diameter=.590" Barrel tip for loud volume situations.

Great sticks for rock drumming. I enjoy using them a lot and I'm sure any other rock drummer will like these. But to tell the truth, I would rather have David Silveria DSK (only because David is like, my all time favorite drummer. KoRn rocks!!).

Joe rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-10.

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