Vater Fusion Drumsticks Reviews 5

I bought these sticks for about $7 at samash in connecticut. I got these sticks cuz i was tired of breaking my zildjian 5A's. tried these sticks at my drum teacher's place. loved them!

a little bit heavier than sum sticks but not much which i love cuz i love heavy sticks. Ball tip rules. nice control. perfect fit not to thin not to fat. nice sound on cymbals. great quality wood

Nothing bad

ball tip. flat end. i dunno wut else to say

best stick ive used after trying zildjian, pro-mark, nova, vic virth, and many other companies. ull love these sticks. these pieces of wood couldnt b better. great quality. u can really beat these things up. buy them

Spunky1332 rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-21.

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