Vater Sugar Maple Blazer Reviews 4

Actually, I didn't buy these sticks. But they would have been $12. I experimented with them after a drum set practice at a local store. They had a Tama Rockstar drumset that I wanted to try out and these were the only pair of Vater drumsticks there. So I tried them out and this is my review. . .

They were lighter than my Vic Firth 2B sticks and they were very durable. THey also have a pretty good cymbal sound to them. And it seemed pretty tough for Sugar Maple on a count that hickory is more durable.

What I didn't like was that they didn't sound as good as the 1A's on the drums. The sound was good, but I have heard better.

Length - 16 1/4" Diameter - .610" Gentle taper to a triangular shaped tip. Well blanced for intricate playing. Made from Sugar Maple.

These are good for light playing and practice. But if were in a rocl band, I'd get a pair of David Silveria's DSK's or some 5B's.

Joe rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-01.

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