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I always like to make the drums to speak loud, and it's always been a task to accomplished that without sticks that can endure such a task. I was definitely amazed when I first discovered the X series made by Vater and Vic Firth. The Xtreme Design 5A was the one I tried first. They both are almost identical pairs, with only one big exception: the tip. While Vater's come with a barrel shaped tip, Vic Firth's are tear drop shape. I know you might think that's nothing, but as soon you grab them you will notcied that the Vater one is a little top heavier than Vic Firth's. Sound wise, it will also give a bigger sound because of its barrel shaped tip.

I paid for this pair $9, but there are plenty of stores that descent discounts when you by a bundle.

I do love this pair, but I must confess that Vic Firth's fit with my playing style a little better. I don't have to say that its 'extreme design' really is true, these sticks definitely endure much more than a regular 5A. They also give a very powerful sound from your drums and cymbals. They do have a interesting grip balance. It's funny to say but if you combine Vic Firth's X5A with Vic Firth's Terry Bozzio Signature Sticks you would get the Vater's XD-5A.

I cannot say I don't like the barrel tip, but it's for that reason I rather play Vic FIrth's X5A. Anyway, this is all about drummer's taste.

These are hickory made, 16 1/2' in length, .580 in diameter, barrel wood tip sticks made by Vater.

Looking for resistance, powerful hit sounds in a 5A package? This is your pair.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-26.

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