Vex 20 Lug drum Set Reviews 4

I bought these drums off of Ebay. Never heard of them but sounded like a good deal.Knowing that PayPal helps if ther's problems I took a chance.I paid about $340 shipped and got them about three days later.

Quality is very good for the price.Very good looking and stout.Every thing worked.I can't emphasize what a great deal these things are.

Bass drum sounds a hollow.I had to sand down a rough edge on the bottom of one of the tom drums.Cymbals aren't that good.No paper work but they send you to Pearls web sight.

They aren't $2000 Pearls but the quality realy is better than I expected.All the adjustments worked and the stands don't fall over. The heads are a little cheap.

I think these are a great value.A set of Evans heads and some new cymbals you got your self a decent drum set.I highly recomend them.They were delivered quickly.20 lugs are normally on much more expensive drums.For the money spent, I feel like I made a good choice.

Stumper rated this unit 4 on 2004-10-28.

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