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Not finding many useful reviews for this set, I decided to take the risk and purchase the Vex Maple drum kit from eBay from seller 'somedrummer'. I bought the natural laquer set and it looks fantastic. It cost approximately $440 delivered.

Very low price compared to any other maple set I could find. Looks great in natural laquer finish with chrome hardware. Has heavy-duty hardware, sounds excellent after adding head muffler rings and my own cymbals. The hardware and throne are very durable.

One of the bass drum leg swing adjusters was defective but the seller refunded me $10 toward the repair, which will require disassembling the leg assembly from the drum itself and replacing the bolt and chrome adjustor wingnut, which will be a bit of a pain. The tom mounts need to be tightened way down or the drums will move. No big deal once you set them up. The heads are flimsy and will require muffler rings or replacement with brand-name heads. The kick sounded very hollow until I stuffed the bass drum with all the plastic bags used to package the set. It sounds awesome now. Zero paperwork, but that's not a big deal if you've assembled drums before. Seller provided a link to a Pearl how-to. Cymbals look and feel cheezy and I haven't even played them yet.

With the exception of the bad adjustor, overall the quality is excellent and construction is heavy-duty. They sound great if you make a few mods.

Overall I recommend this kit to anyone who wants a 100% Maple set for about $2000 less than can be found elsewhere and doesn't mind the lack of brand name. They look, feel, and sound fantastic. Don't count on much customer service. You cannot beat the price!!!

shovelhead rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-28.

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