Vic Firth 24-Pair Nova 7A Hickory Sticks Reviews 5

My Parents got these off for an unknown price. I got these for Christmas last year and was very excited to have gotten them. When I saw how many there were, I was like ¡§Whoa!!!¡¨ Whoa was the word to use. I immediately carried them up to my room and began to play with them.

I like these a lot. Although they say ¡¥NOVA¡¦ on them, they are manufactured by Vic Firth. They are just like regular sticks, only they have some minor flaws in them, but last almost as long and play almost as well as the regular Vic Firths, and at almost half the price!

Although they work well, they are sticks, and do break eventually. ƒ¼

They are made of Hickory and size 7A. They last very, very long for flawed sticks. They can take a huge beating from me. They are also wood tip, so there are no problems with tips cracking off. However, due to the way I play on my ride cymbal, very hard with the tips, they wear themselves flat before they even have a chance to snap. Sometimes, I like to play with them even when the tips wear off, and they break, but not easily. Hickory is very thick, and it absorbs nearly everything I can throw at it. It takes a while to break them, too.

I love these things. Now, they are practically the only sticks I will use. For hard hitters on a budget, these are the way to go.

x_drummer2000 rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-23.

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