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It's quite amazing the immense variety of options that companies, like Vic Firth, produces to serve all drummers' tastes and styles. The Kinetic Force drumstick is one of twenty new products that Vic Firth introduced to the market recently. Attracted to its promise to make you play longer, faster, harder yet with less fatigue, made me very intrigued by it. All these almost magical qualities that this pair supposedly can give you is created by a tiny, round, and heavy pin inserted in the butt end of the stick, making it a little heavier than the top. This pair came on the road with me last march and the result I had with, it was somehow, not completely, magical.

This pair is found in the market for an amount around $10. I got my for free through my endorsement deal with Vic Firth.

I've played a few gigs with this pair, as a substitute for my beloved X5A, and I must confess that the 'extra energy which it possesses due to its motion' (as wikipedia defines kinetic energy), it did reduced the fatigue caused after long hours of playing, and I did felt very comfortable playing with this new Vic Firth's creation.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the gig, the pair gave up on me, slashing from the tip to where my hand was grabbing it, making me doubt of its durability. I'm sure if you are used to play with a classic 5A pair, the 5A Kinetic Force might serve you plentiful. I'll wait until they come out with the X version.

Like its 5A brother, this pair is 16' in length and .565 in diameter. Hickory wood made.

Giving an extra boost of motion-created energy, this pair will satisfy those who have the classic 5A drumsticks as preferred choice.

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2010-05-19.

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