Vic Firth 5BN Sticks Reviews 4

I bought these sticks at my local music shop in Kilmarnock, Scotland. they cost me 7. I bought them after wanting to try different sticks from the Pro Marks that i used before them.

The sticks are very well balenced, if you really care if they are balanced or not. They are very solid sticks and have lasted me about 4 months without them snapping

The nylon tip on the stick gives a great sound on the cymbals but sadly today 1 of them snapped off, leaving a horrible sharp tip underneath, which shouldnt be used on your kit.

the quality is reasonable the sticks didnt snap but sadly the tips did :(

great sticks, i will buy them again but maybe more than 1 pair :) maybe the Wood tips with be better and last longer.

Sandro rated this unit 4 on 2002-03-26.

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