Vic Firth 8D Nylon Tip Stick Reviews 5

After using Vic Firth 5B and 5A sticks and not snapping them, i decided to try something smaller, so i bought 8D sticks (with a Nylon tip), i got them from McCormicks in Glasgow, Scotland for 7.50

These sticks are really strong, alot stronger than i though, and I play hard rock/metal music with a lot of rim on the Snare (and infact the toms too), so them standing that is good. The tips give a nice clean sound on the cymbals.

so far there is nothing i dont like, they have stood up to the beating ive given them really well, they havent snapped and the tips havent come off.

great! you can trust Vic firth to make really good sticks!

If you like a lighter stick than a 5A or 5B this is what you should use, they can take the same amount of beating as a 5A or 5B. Really GREAT sticks!

Sandro rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-24.

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