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The Drum Place, Stevenage, England 6.95

I first bought these sticks thinking simply "hey those look cool", but now they have completely revolutionised my playing. First of all these sticks are the lightest I have ever held, which means you can get more speed, and if you can get more speed, you have more power...which means more noise! Secondly, I wasn't wrong - these sticks DO look VERY cool! The mahogany finish (specifically chosen by Dave Weckl - one of the World's top drummers) is rarely seen on drumsticks these days - which is a shame as it makes you look the gonads! I can use these sticks to play just about anything. I play in rock and jazz bands on drum kit and have found the sticks perfect for both of these situations, but I also play in classical ensembles and orchestras - and again found that whatever I did I could use these sticks to make it sound that much better and feel that much easier.

There's nothing I don't like about these sticks personally. Some people might not like the colour and finish of the sticks, but in my opinion they'd be mad not to! Still each to his own I guess...make up your own minds on these.

The sticks are solid without feeling heavy or cumbersome. As I said before, they are very light, but no smaller than your averae drumsticks. How Vic Firth managed this is beyond me! (hey i'm a drummer...we're not supposed to be that smart!) Nonetheless, even considering their weight, I would be surprised if i EVER broke these sticks...but if i did i'd just go out and buy another pair seeing as they were so cheap too!

Essentially these sticks are like a pretty woman :-D (you knew a pointless metaphor was coming right!?) They are applicable in almost every area of your life, feel great in your hand, look fantastic and...will help your playing technique a lot...just like a woman...or something! Anyway - at 6.95 (about $10 i think) these are undoubtably the best sticks I've ever bought - whilst a little more expensive that Vic Firth's normal sticks they are well worth the extra couple of bucks.

Fairey rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-28.

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