Vic Firth David Garibaldi Signature Sticks Reviews 5

A lot of reasons made me buy this pair, some more logical than others. Let me start with the logical ones: David Garibaldi is an amazing drummer, famous for its funk style. (if you were thinking he was a painter, you are correct, you just mistaken the right Garibaldi). This pair resemble my beloved X5A with small variations. Now the less logical ones: We both share the same birthday, we both have a northern italian family name and I'm also a big fan of the other Garibaldi, Giuseppe. Alright, reasons aside, this is a great pair if you play with 5As. The only difference is that its top is a bit heavier and its tip has a barrel shape.

Like many other Vic Firth sticks you will find this one for a price around $9. I got these free though my Vic Firth endorsement.

These have a great feel, having a heavier top give them an extra boost on its bounciness every time you hit the drums. They also do sound great also when you get down on rim grooves.

David Garibaldi Signature Sticks are 16 7/16' in length and .560 in diameter. Wooden barrel shape tip and hickory made.

For those into 5As but looking for a little extra bounciness.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-30.

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