Vic Firth Jack DeJohnette Signature Sticks Reviews 5

If you don't know Jack DeJonhette yet, google him. It will definitely please your mind. Jack is an amazing jazz drummer and his signature pair is no different. I decided to purchase these sticks because of their similarity with the 5As. I always love to try different pairs that give a little twist on the ones I usually play with. Its white coating makes this pair a ted heavier than a regular 5A offering extra protection and consequently, extra durability.

You can find this pair for $9. I got my for free through my endorsement.

If you like 5As type of sticks you will like these too. They are pretty much the same but with two small variations: weight (they are a little heavier caused by its white coating, but it's what gives its durability) and length (they are a tiny bit shorter).

No, this pair can't make you play like Jack DeJohnette, but I'm sure will help you to get there.

These are 16 5/16' in length and .565' in diameter. White coated hickory wood with tear drop tip. This pair is also available in a nylon tip version.

Not only for jazz drummers, these sticks will satisfy the 5A type of drummer.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-26.

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