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I'm a drummer. I'm originally from Brazil. I play in a band called Glint.

When I received my endorsement package from Vic Firth, along came, with the 24 pairs I had requested (mostly containing X5A), an interesting and, at first, unrecognizable surprise. Scott Johnson Corpsmaster 'Scojo' Practice Stick is so far one of the coolest practice products I've seen. Simply because of its portability. Carry them to the studio, to the road, or even to have them around in the living room make the commonly known practice pads almost an inconvenience. It doesn't matter what kind of style you play, you know that, drum rudiments and warm-ups are essential for a drummer. This pair makes this essentiality portable. You can find the Scojo Stick from $15 (online) to $20 (retails). It's definitely money well spent, they last a long time, if not for a whole life and they are cheaper than practice pads.

Perfect for warm-ups and drum rudiments practice and Its portability makes it a great buy. You can also use it for interesting muffled drum of cymbal effect.

If you are not comfortable playing with thick and heavy sticks, this pair not might be for you. Don't take this as a defect, more like an advice. As the pair's name hints, it was built for marching band drummers.

Scojo Stick is 17 1/8' in length and 0.705' in diameter. It's Hickory wood made which enhances durability. It has a rubber ball tip.

This pair is a great option for those thinking on bringing a drum practicing tool anywhere.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-10.

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