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That Terry Bozzio is one of the most unique drummer there is, it's something I really don't have to say. I'll just say that his Vic Firth Signature stick really matches his uniqueness. His latest drum set well known by its size and its diatonic and chromatic set up, reflects very well on the construction of this pair. With a helmet shaped wood tip and a heavier top, it makes a perfect match for a percussive drum playing style.

I had played with this pair awhile ago, but I only recently it returned to my stick bag when my Vic Firth endorsement went through. You can find it on the market for a price around $9.

The big tip construction of this pair gives a nice bold response from toms and cymbals, something you probably could only get with a thick pair, but its thin body, slightly thinner than a 5A, makes it delightful for fast playing. And its bounciness, resulted from its heavier top, it just accentuates that.

As I said, I would suggest this pair for those with a more percussive approach to the kit, I'm not saying that this pair can't groove, but not as well as some other types.

The Terry Bozzio Signature drumstick is 16 1/4' in length and .550 in diameter. Made from Hickory wood.

Reflecting Terry Bozzio's behemoth kit and unique style, this is a great match for those with a percussive drum style.

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2010-05-19.

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