Vic Firth WB Brush Sticks Reviews 5

It's rare to see me playing with brushes, but it's not because I don't like to play with them. These are the most basic type of brush sticks manufactured by Vic Firth. In this case, being just basic, it's more than enough. The 'Jazz Brush' became part of my drumstick bag when I was playing NYC bars, 5 years ago. They produce a bright and warm tone, giving a perfect blend of sounds for an acoustic/jazzy gig.

I purchased these a long time ago so I can't remember how much I actually paid for it, but you can find them in the market for a price around $16.

Like many other brushes made by Vic Firth, these also have an adjustable wire brush, which allow you to set the brush size to your taste. I like the tonality I get with them and they make my cymbals present and defined. I also love how you can use the plastic handle to crash a cymbal hard when you need that type of intensity in the groove.

They have a 6' wire brush spread and a hard plastic handle that allow you now only to adjust the brush size but also serve as a case for it.

Traditional brush sound, this is what you will get from this pair.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-06-01.

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