Vic Virth 5bn Nylon Tip Drumsticks Reviews 3

when i bought my first drumset, i didnt have any sticks. the guy who worked at the store said i should get some pretty heavy sticks to train my wrists. then i would be able to hit the drum heads and cymbals correctly. they were about 10 bucks.

they are pretty durable, and heavy. but after a month, of hard practice, they'll start to seem light. i like the sound it gives when striking a cymbal. the wieght and the nylon tip might explain that.

nothing is wrong with it! the only problem it has is somthing you can get over quickly; the weight.

its pretty durable,and might take a while to break.

the durability is the best part. use these with sabian b8's!! they might sound good with camber too.

butthole rated this unit 3 on 2004-01-01.

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