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Vidsonix, won them on ebay auction for 238.00 a pair plus shipping, I won three pair of them for this price!

I must admit I was afraid when I purchased these, but nothing matched the price of these cabs, and plus when it comes to money I'm very frugal. I'm a specifications man so I go by spec's when I'm trying to find the best quality for my money, and I added one more piece of logic to this (technology becomes better but cheapens over time so most bargain speakers now whould have the best technolgy implemented on a top flight speaker produced in 1995-2000)so when spec's were checked the speaker checked out good (frequency responce,spl/watt,flatness +/-db) So I bit the bullet and took the chance (still afraid though). My first real gig was in a ice rink in florida , this was my first time seeing an ice rink they are huge and I really was afraid these things were not going to make it (the rink had a professional system that was down at the time (multiple crown macro tech amps,pro speaker arrays,video system the works). The guy even made me audition before their ice skating show. I set these babies up equalized them, and put 2400 watts as a whole on the six of them and they loved it. These speakers had transparent mid's and highs, and the bottom end was clean. When cranked up to very loud levels they only got louder and did not add any distortion. Later when the show was over the Skaters and Management said this was the best show they have had and the sound was the best the have had. Needless to say I'm very happy with these speakers!

The only thing the speakers lack is no seperate amplification module on rear panel(bi-amp) otherwise excellent!

Robust and put together very well, Cab's have no pressure loss on bottom end (strong bass) their are mounts for hanging speaker in air,pole mounts,speaker stand mounts, and very good rubber on mounts on bottom for just sitting speaker on the floor.

Remember most things are close in technolgy these days unless you spend and extreme amount of money and even then you will be suprised. Spending more money will most likely get you better fit and finish and pretty custom moldings, but all you want really in a good product, for the money you cn't be the product, remember the rink already had a professional system and multiple rinks in the same building and the loved the sound!

Cleveland Rowe rated this unit 5 on 2005-03-12.

I began my search for PA gear when I started a new band,, and being poor college students, we did not have any. I'm a drummer by trade, and my old bands always had JBL speakers. I quickly realized that I could not afford the price of the JBL's so started looking for anything I could run through my Mackie 808S. I found Vidsonix. The guts of the speakers matched up to the JBL's so I took a chance. I could not be happier with the performance of the Monarchs. I paid around $350 for the pair.

THE PRICE & SOUND. I am just a lowly drummer, but good these things sound good. We recently played a very high volume frat show where I was worried about the performance of the Vidsonix speakers, but our ears hurt long before the PA did. A professional guitarist friend ran sound for the night who uses JBL 15s, and was amazazed at the performance of the speakers. He could not believe that I only paid $350 for the set. Nothing compares for the price. The JBL's I played with in the past never had highs from the acoustic guitar and keys as clear as with the Vidsonix speakers. I also run my kick drum through the Monarchs, and they put out a nice punch. Customer Service was also very helpful.

The packaging on shipping was a little flimsy, but not a big deal.

Very good quality. They are made from hard plastic. (technical term) They are very durable and easy to carry.

Put the Monarchs in the pepsi challange against any other speaker that is the same size and the audience will be split down the middle on which sounds better. Add in the price and my decision was easy. You can't buy one decent speaker for the price of a pair of Monarchs. I will be purchasing the 12" monitors from Vidsonix as soon as they get them in stock.

Nick Dandurand rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-24.

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