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Acquired thru Vidsonix on Ebay, brand new, $180 for the pair plus about $40 shipping.

I bought a couple small Nova12 cabinets made by Vidsonix and was very impressed, they seemed to be an almost identical copy of EV SX300's for about 20% of the price. I bought two brand new from the Vidsonix factory for about $200 plus $20 shipping. Integral pole mount socket and threaded mounting points. Comes with two "brackets" to adapt the speaker for floor monitor wedge use, very nice. 250 w RMS power handling.

They performed well, they had a nice crossover, everything seemed good. However the horn failed on one one day, I wrote the company and requested a replacement diaphragm under the warranty which was shipped promptly no questions asked. When I cracked the case open I found that one of the 12v bulbs on the crossover which is used for HF protection was improperly soldered and caused the HF horn to stop working, but when this was corrected with a bit of solder the speaker worked fine. The other speaker also failed in this manner about a month later which leads me to believe this was a widespread factory defect.

If you don't mind fixing a factory defect like this, this cabinet seems like an amazing value.

Jim in Tampa rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-17.

I bought a pair of these new on ebay from They cost $200 per pair. I know that's WAY less than name brand pro gear, but several things convinced me to try 'em. They were: the specifications on the unit, the overwhelmingly good feedback from both and Vidsonix, and the reviews here on the Vidsonix monitors.

They are powerfull, light and small. Two of these on a Sunn 6520 500watt amp, and the sound is deceptively punchy and clear for such small enclosures. They have real horns, no piezo stuff, and the woofer has a 3" voice coil, and it looks like it's a cast aluminium frame. Rated at 250 watts RMS, spl @ 1w/m is 95 +/- 2db. They rock right out of the box! They are compact, ( 25.0"(h) x 21.5"(W) x 14.2"(D) and light (37 lbs). Integrated handle and stand mount, dual jacks, and side stands for monitor use too! Good 1 year warranty, also.

No complaints at all. They don't have that super-honky sound up close like EV's or Fender SPL-series cabs, so the mids don't project quite as far as much more pricey cabs. You might want to add a sub if you're in a band with drums or bass. But I'm a solo acoustic gig doing small to medium venues, and they do the job right for me

The case is a high density, tough thermoplastic. It is very solid, and slightly plyable, not the kind of stuff that would crack if the speaker was dropped or anything. They have real horns, no piezo stuff, the woofer has a 3" voice coil and it looks like it has a cast aluminium frame. The protective grill is heavy gage, and looks like it could take a hit no prob. Overall quality and consistancy is VERY high considering the price point.

I was nervous shelling out the cash because i was skeptical. One thing that helped sell me was an email from Vidsonix's speaker designer guru. In response to my wordy, technical questions, and open skepticism, he offered me unqualified confidence that these would rock me. He was right. I researched every pa speaker manufacturer I could find on the web for months, and I found myself going back to this company and product again and again. IMHO, there is simply nothing out there that can match the features and performance of this product anywhere near the price.

George Palickar rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-10.

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