Vidsonix PD-S105P Reviews 4

I bought his unit direct from two months after buying two of thier 12" Poly-resin cabs on ebay from some other company. This cab was around $100.00.

Fist off, the only reason I own this cab is because of my unexpected surprise with the pair of 12's. I bought the 12's on recommendation from a sound guy at a small local gig. Those cabs look like the JBL Eons, but had a different label, so I got the skinny and ordered a pair. They have already been reviewed here (Nova X12's), so I won't get too deep into them but to say...absolutely amazing for the price. You would normally think Cheap DJ stuff at this $100/each(close to the price-point of a crack whore), but these cabs reproduce great live sound, I just wanted a little more low end. Which brings me back to the bass cab I'm actually reviewing...I was originally gonna buy two of them, but they are a 4 ohm cabinet(which two of em would'nt work for my setup), but they are nearly full range speakers, so I gave one a shot. Lucky me. The low end is tight and punchy with no noticable distortion at high outputs. We run the bass, kick and snare through this side of the amp, and it covers enough of the sound spectrum to get a great "crack" out of the snare, and low punch with the kick. Specs say 40-20,000, and it really sounds like it. Very surprising from a 2 x 10 with a 6" x 8" horn. The enclosure is very stout MDF, and should be great for traveling. This cab compares very favorably to the Hartke VX-410 bass cabinet.

Very little not to like. Unfortunately, with such a tough enclosure, it would seem that they could have engineered a better front grill. It dents much too easily. Also, and most important to me, and the only reason not to give it a 5, is that there needs to be an 8 ohm version of this cabinet for us guys with cheaper amp setups. Two of these would blow out the windows. Too bad.

The quality is definately there. From the enclosure to sound quality, this thing is unbeatable for the price. I would really like to see the crossover circuit though.

Everybody in the band likes all of the Vidsonix cabs. Good, punchy low end. Decent highs. Enough said. Good work from an unknown manufacturer.

Koz rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-23.

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