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I was looking for inexpensive, yet decent sounding stage monitors for local punk/hardcore shows. I found these on ebay at first, then contacted vidsonix about them, and purchased 4 of them directly from the manufacturer @ $150 each, plus shipping.

The units are very sturdy, I have had people sitting on them, standing on them, and they have held up very well. The sound is incredible for the price! I have yet to hear a complaint about them from any of the performers, and I did over 100 sets last year with them, no problems! The customer service from Vidsonix was excellent, and I plan on purchasing more of them eventually. The horn drivers are real drivers, not piezo things. The 12" bass drivers are tight and punchy, and they are highly directional, causing minimal feedback.

The grill dents in easily, I am going to cut a piece of curved wood to fit behind the grille between the horn and woofer to make it a little more sturdy. The clubs I play at are kind of wild sometimes!

Constructed of 3/4 MDF, and the front baffle is doubled up, for 1.5" of MDF where the drivers are mounted. The handles are all steel, very easy to carry. The speakon connectors are neutrik, very high quality. The crossover looks rugged, large coils, tweeter protection circuit.

Just by them, you won't be disappointed, you will be hard pressed to find anything better for the price, and the service is excellent from the company.

Charles Clark, Ultimate Entertainment rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-05.

Purchased Via:, Website. Purchase Price $149.95 New I was looking for a good Quality Monitor at a reasonable Price. Manufacturer offered a 15 day money back Guarantee if not satisfied.

3/4 Titanium compression horn cuts through the mix very well. Heavy duty 12" Driver. Sound is very well balanced! I searched everywhere and could not find a monitor that performed any better for under $249.99 and again you will be very impressed with the construction. Recieved Excellent customer service from Vidsonix!

No dislikes to date!

Recessed,Heavy Duty Hand Grips on each side! Very solid/rugged unit at 49.5 lbs each. Heavy Duty Screen covers the entire face of the Speaker/Horn providing optimum protection.

If you are looking for Live sound monitors definitely take time to review the monitors at the folling web page: There are better monitors out there however get ready to spend $250 + to find one(new).

Michael Hawthorne rated this unit 4 on 2002-01-23.

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