Vidsonix PD-S126M Stage Monitors Reviews 5

I was looking for speaker cables on ebay and won a bid from Vidsonix. Then, I saw the PD-S126M floor stage monitors. I'm an acoustic guitar player in a band that generates some volume. I use an effects rack and a separate power amplifier to drive my own stage speakers and use direct outs to the house main. I had been using some old Peavey cab's, rugged, pretty good sound, but doesn't really make that acoustic sparkle sound I've been after. I got a great deal on these monitors, I would keep an eye out for special offers.

These PD-S126M's do it...great dynamic range. Very present bass and clear as a bell high's. Also tried them for the vocal monitor mix...awesome. I like the quality look, feel, and sound of these speakers

The form factor is a little off, I think. I'd like to see them not quite so tall and narrow, but a little shorter and wider. Need a little more protection in the shipping packaging. The metal speaker grille on one was caved. One had a small dent along the top edge. Not worth shipping back over, but you like to start off right.

These monitors have great appearance. Eyes turn. I'm not enough of a sound tech to speak about the use of materials and sizes for drivers, etc...but the sound works.

I confirm what Vidsonix states: "You will absolutely not find a better value on the market today. These speakers out-perform other professional speakers in its size class, at half (or more) of the price."

Peter Havens rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-24.

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