Vintage V800 Reviews 4 paid 115 for the guitar First bass guitar

The bass is incredibly stylish, as the description from where I bought it suggests; the main body of the bass is alot smaller then on an ordinary bass. The bass has a very nice feel to it, being very light with alot of tonal adjustment to be had. It comes with 24 frets all marked clearly and has 1 J-style pickup and 2 p-style pickups. The sound it creates is a very medium tone, its more down to the amplifier and extras to create a tone for it as the guitar has an incredibly standard tone, it isn't funky or jazzy and it isn't low and and metallic, it is an incredibly ordinary sound. Is this a bad thing? it isn't if you aren't aiming for a jazzy/funky bass but you can get quite a nice tone out of it if you raise the gain and treble and lower the bass. One thing i'd like to say is that it is an incredibly good bass for slapping on, the strings are very easy to reach is what I started learning slap bass on and it was alot more fun and easier than on my friends bass (an aria pro II)

The bass is quite fragile, I slightly bumped it into the top of my friends ibanez neck and it dented the plastic body, it can takes drops but it really doesn't like hitting things.

As said above, it is quite a fragile bass guitar but the rest of it is sound, everything is very secure and the body is certainly a very reflective black, the neck is solid and has a nice feel to it and the top of the neck can taking a beating.

It is an incredibly bass for beginning, the fact it is so basic makes it one hell of a guitar to use for practically anything, for metal and rock music, it is fantastic and I have done several gigs using it, it can also achieve a nice slap tone on it although there are better (and more expensive) basses that will give you a better slap tone.

David Kersh rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-21.

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