VocoPro The Duet II Karaoke System Reviews 4

Paid about $300 at a local dealer that carries Karaoke equipment. I was looking for an inexpensive way to get into Karaoke for parties and other small gigs that maybe I could turn into a full fledged karaoke business. This was an all-in-one kind of purchase to get me started.

First off, the features. As I mentioned, this unit has many functions in one. Among them, the top-loading player plays CD+Graphics discs, the dual cassette deck records your own tapes from CD+Gs or cassettes, the 2-step digital key change controller raises or lowers the key of any song in half-step increments without changing the tempo of the music, the host microphone inputs with separate volume controls for 2 singers. It also has a 5-band graphic equalizer, it's expandable, the Duet has pre-out jacks for connection to external systems. Finally, it uses 110V AC or an optional 12V DC car adapter, has 40W x 2 output and includes external AC power adapter. That's a lot of features packed into a little box.

The power seemed a little weak for my taste. I mean, for $300 this thing should crank a little more volume out in my opinion. I could have purchased a disk only player and hooked it up to a cheap $100 stereo receiver and got as much volume. However, it might be enough for you. Don't discount it just for this reason. I just happen to like it REALLY loud. Maybe I was expecting too much in this price range or maybe I just need to get a full blown PA system now.

Surprisingly sturdy quality. I say surprising because usually when there's so many elements to an item it has a tendency to break easily. I don't know if the unit would survive a fall from 6 feet, but I'd be comfortable hauling it around to friends houses or small, intimate gigs. I don't recommend encouraging folks to set their beers on it though.

Overall, nice set of features, good quality in a unit that's sure to give me a few years of fun and maybe make a few bucks before I have to upgrade. I can feel the upgrade itch already though. I can just imagine a full blown karaoke system that I can do real large gigs with, and big parties at the house and cabin.

Joel rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-02.

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