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The Viper II is the fully encased karaoke system that can be used in clubs and other small to medium venues. It contains a built in 250W amp, the CDG-X3 Mark II player, and a giant speaker cabinet with two 15's, two Motorola horns, and three microphone inputs including one DJ input bypass.

I bought this unit off eBay for about $1300 last year. I had made a little extra DJ'ing and was getting a lot of requests to do karaoke, so I just took some of my hard-earned money from there and plunked it down to make the purchase.

I like the fact that for the most part, everything is included in one two piece rig. I also think the Viper II kranks out a good amount of volume and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of sound coming from it. Lots of highs and strong pass. The two 15's really help drive the beat on a lot of the songs. The amps are pretty powerful, obviously. Another nice feature is the built in cassette player that can record the person's mix so they can take it with them, which I have found to be a really fun feature that you can run contests and stuff with while you're gigging.

There's really not a whole lot to not like. I guess a built in flip up flat panel monitor would have been nice, but other than that they've included just about everything.

The build quality seems pretty high. The cases are real heavy duty and seem road worthy. The unit is very heavy and carpeted to protect from bumps. Controls are relatively well made. I don't see any problems here.

Although a little expensive, you get a really nice all in one type of unit that you can take with you for your karaoke customers. Add a flat panel monitor for easy transport, and you'll have a complete system for entertaining. Overall, I'm pretty impressed, although I'm sure you could put together a better rig with seperates. Wasn't what I was looking for so I'm happy with what I got.

Frank Bello rated this unit 3 on 2008-12-21.

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