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This is a spruce top, mahogany neck and rosewood back and sides acoustic guitar with a cutaway and Fishman preamp and pickup combo. How's that for a run on sentence? I became a Walden Artist and used this guitar extensively for a few years. Still do. This guitar only sounds better with age!

I was looking for a mid-priced acoustic that would sound and play great. I didn't want something too cheap and junky, but I didn't want to take a museum piece out to a smokey bar. I ordered the guitar through Walden and believe it goes for about $500-$700 new with a hardshell case.


I like that the Walden plays and sounds great! I've done very little maintenance to it. I must credit following guidelines of 'Never leave an acoustic instrument in a climate you wouldn't want to be left' as well as following proper humidity guidelines trying to keep the instrument in a as close to 50% humidity as possible. A cheap hygrometer can be found at Walmart for a few bucks and a bedroom humidifier will run around $50.

I don't like that these guitars haven't caught on as much as they should. I have no actual complaints about the instrument though.

The construction is very sturdy and clean. No over spray or glue gob spots. It's a wider dreadnaught body, so it may not be the most comfortable for everyone to play, but the larger body puts out a rewarding loud and full tone.

Bottom Line is I needed a fun and reasonable acoustic guitar. This was a perfect pick. I've played the guitar for probably 4 years now. It has held up great. Walden's Customer Service is excellent if you have any questions. I broke one of the pearloid tuners and within a day they helped me get right back on track.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2010-10-20.

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