Warwick Corvette Pro-Line 6 Strings Reviews 5

I got this unit on the US in 96, paid 1999U$. I always loved the warwick sound.

The bass has a amazing sound. It came with a dual-soapbar bassline pickups, that are very heavy sounding. The bass sound is amazing, but the tremble can be a little rash if it's cranked up. I use mine in the middle position. The neck is great, the string spacing is perfect, but too narrow for slap playing.

The body shape is the worst of all warwick basses. The bass is a little on the heavy side, it hurts the shoulders if you play standing up for long. It only has one truss rod, should have 2.

Construction is excellent, the 5 woods stripes of the neck is so well glued that it appear to be only one. The finish is excellent, the neck is waxed, not painted (I hate painted necks).

Overall a sensational bass guitar.

MT rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-13.

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