Warwick Corvette Proline 4 String Reviews 5

Well it all happened so fast,One day i was playing a Yamaha TRB4 string,Then i was playing with this sexy,smooth bodied,good looking,shapely piece of wood iv'e ever held.It was love.I was looking for a new sound,Heard Warwick was pushing some fine basses out,So i thought i had to kick my own rear into gear and cheak it out.So i took my Yammy into my mates music shop and done a straight swap,He was happy,I was,Well that's another story.She was a used bass but in good condition.

Well what did i like,Everything,The craftmanship,The plastic electrics cover (save messing around with a screw driver and losing the bloody screws in the carpet,Come on everyone's done it.)I also liked the sting spacing,Very nice i found i have no problem with quicker finger styles and slapping stuff.Also the tone, wow!!!

the weight was alot to get over but what the hell buy another wider strap,or even a padded one.

The craftmanship was of very high standards,Where the butt of the neck is fitted to the body,the join,s straight and tight fitted,some basses struggle in this department.I also liked the adjustable nut very handy,plus the shapely curve's.

Playing this is better than making love well almost,Go on and buy one ,it's the only way to go.P.S.i play it live and for my studio work with my band WWW.THEBANDJONESTOWN.CO.UK.

Simon M rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-11.

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