Warwick Corvette Standard 4 String Rock Bass Reviews 4

Had a weird arse bass, some vintage thing from the 70's i got for free from my uncle. Enough was enough so i got this corvette 4 string for a bargain at $926 Aus, normally for 1106 at Park Music in Perth. Its my new child and I call it Willy.

Me likes the shapely body and the textured colour. Easy as for slappy and fast playing with both hands. Killer switch to jump from each pickup.

Kickarse for slapping but not as good for deep clean bass sounds, Warwick makers could have definetly elaborated a bit more on that part. The body when standing with strap sorta digs into my ribs, but could just be my skinny arse figure.

This bitch can pack a punch, its got some magical force field around it, like the bass Gods prevent it from getting one single ding or scratch on it.

This axe sounds great and looks even better, this thing will pull chicks like a magnet i reckon. It's all you need, practice and gig material. This is one mean monkey

tuneman rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-30.

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