Warwick Corvette Standard 4-string Reviews 5

I picked up this Corvette at a local music store for one hell of a bargain. I got this $1,400 bass gently used for only $650. This was only my second bass (the first was some horrible knock-off brand) and i wsan't expecting to find anything nearly as great as this guitar but i plugged it in and WOW!

ooooooh the resonance! that, my friends, is the beauty of solid bubinga hardwood. the mid-range punch and low-end growl on this piece are fantastic, and you wouldn't believe the sustaaaaaaaaaaaaaain.

The only downside to this guitar that I have thus encountered is that its a little on the heavy side. After playing a long, late show it can start to get to your shoulders a bit. I have found that this problem is easily remedied, however, by simply getting a wider/more heavily padded strap.

Fantastic. This guitar's played more than a couple shows with me already and (despite my best efforts) still doesn't have a scratch on it. The electronics are solid and smooth, and (tho some people bitch and moan about it) i've found the pop-off cover on the back to be no problem and actually kinda convenient at times.

If you happen to see this bass, buy it! the actual price for the guitar is a little high, i admit, but if you can get any kidna of deal at all on this guitar, GO FOR IT! I can honestly see myself never having to purchase another bass! Every household should own one!

G. FitzGerald rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-27.

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