Warwick Corvette Standard 6-string Reviews 5

I found this deal at a pawn shop. It was made in 1997 and listed for $1999.00. I talked the dealer down from $999.00 to $750.00. It was a steal to say the least. The bass is perfect in every way. It looked brand new. I could now believe it. I had always wanted a Warwick.

The bass seems to play itself. I thought it would be hard to learn to play a 6-string bass But it was easier to play than most 5-string basses. The body is bubinga wood which has killer tone to say the least. The neck is ovangkol with a wenge fretboard. It is just so smooth with the best fret job I have ever seen. The sustain goes on forever. The electronics are top shelf with two bassline soapbar pickups. This baby can growl like no other. It quickly became my main axe. Heck I don't even want to play my Fenders anymore. The bridge is a 6 way adjustable. But even better is the adjustable nut which Warwick did away with. It makes this bass so easy to get rid of string buzz. And that B string is just out of this world. The scale length is 34" but it feels and sounds like a 35". I could go on forever and ever.

The bass came with a cheap Warwick gig bag. I soon cured this with a new Warick Hard shell case that I found on Ebay.

This bass could not be any better construction. It will be around long after I'm gone. It is the best German quality that they are famous for. Hand made to say the least.

If you want to play a 6-string this ones for you. By the way, Warwick makes some killer bass amps also. My Pro Tube IX is the most perfect rig for this bass.

Mike Lewis from Texas rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-03.

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