Warwick Corvette Standard Active Bass Reviews 5

I stopped into a local music store in town,not really intent on buying anything and picked up this Warwick....WOW, I HAVE YET TO PUT IT DOWN!!! I am really a novice bassist,having just returned to playing after a 19 year hiatus.A friend sold me a nice Ibanez sr200 a year ago and i have been bangin away on it ever since.I just happened to pick up the Warwick, and what a FINE instrument it is! I ended up parting with $860 dollars for the bass,gigbag and a cord,which is a very good deal.The custom look of the Bubinga body and Ovankgol neck is what caught my attention,but the sound of this bass is UNREAL! killer highs ,mids and a low growl that is cracking my plaster!

I love the look of this guitar, kind of exotic with the oil finish. Intonation and sustain are awesome!Built in pre-amp adds a lot of sound and control.

This bass is a lot heavier than my Ibanez, which i am getting used to,not really a dislike, more of an adjustment.

This is my first Warwick, so i can only speak for this particular guitar,but the quality seems outstanding.nice fit and perfect finish,big brass frets,adjustable nut and two piece bridge,cant find any faults!

If anybody out there is considering upgrading a little, or trying out a new bass, i believe you MUST at least try a Warwick. I dont know if i will ever want another guitar!(maybe a Warwick 5 string)!

rudedoggy rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-31.

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