Warwick Nobby Meidel (first Warwick bass) Reviews 4

I found this bass in my uncle's music store in Victoria, priced at $750 canadian. I picked this bass because of it's beautiful shape.

I really like the looks of the bass! The bass looks like a Steinberger. It has a fairly wide variety of tone, and is a Neck-Through.

You need a strap to play the bass, and the bass is very heavy. Also, if you have any promblem with the neck, you are screwed. And, this bass can't play heavy-metal.

The bass is a Neck-Through with a two-way truss rod. It does not have a head stock, instead the bass is tuned at the bottom.It has two pickups (P-bass and Humbucker).

The bass has excelent tone and looks great, it's a really nice instrument!

Zed rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-23.

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