Warwick RockBass Corvette 5-String Reviews 5

My friend and guitarist in my band got this guitar from Musician's Friend for about $570, back when he was a bassist. He played it lightly for about a year, and I have now been playing it for a year.

The sound is very solid. You can pop, slap or anything else and it sounds fine, even on the low B. It is an exceptionally good sounding slap bass for the price. It has good mids and a very nice "alive" sound. It even makes my junky practice amp (50w Rogue) sound halfway decent. Overall a simply awesome sound for a comparatively cheap bass.

It is a very plain looking bass. I have to keep my old ESP in its case because it makes the RockBass look boring. Maybe I'm just sentimental. Also in the year I have played this bass the input jack had to be fixed twice so it would stop crackling when the cord moved, but I think the first time it was the repairman's fault. 9v doesn't last quite as long as I would like it to, and changing it requires accessing the electronics panel with a screwdriver.

The bass itself is very solid and sits very nicely on you while you play. I take good care of it and try not to beat it up, but the couple of times it's taken a hit or two it's been fine and looks just as good as when I started playing it.

If you're moving past your beginner bass and want a good sound, this bass is the one you want. I wouldn't play with anything less live. Don't bother with a four-string, unless you like being generic. The clarity of the B-string is excellent and you'll love being able to go down there without fear of crappy sound.

Ben The Bassist rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-29.

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